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The formative years...

Nsilo Yancey is a 20 year old male actor from New Jersey. Right now he is mainly a commercial and theatre actor.
     Nsilo was born on December 19, 1985 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. He was the first son for his mother (Beverly) and the second son for his father (Richard). He has 2 brothers (Richard II {older} and Vincent {younger}). Both of them are his half brother. He has an older sister (Briahna {older} ) and 2 step sisters (Tanisha & Shytia {both older}).
     Nsilo now attends Morgan State University. where he is a Telecommunications (TV Production) Major. He is also a proud member of the Morgan State University, Magnificent Marching Machine.
    Before his dream of being a professional actor, he wanted to be a pilot. But I believe at that time planes were crashing left and right, so that probably why he changed his mind. He was in his 5th grade year, when he realized that he could act. From then on he has always moved in the direction of being an actor.
    Nsilo has chosen to get his college degree before coming out in anything major. By doing this, he has a back-up plan, just in case things do not go his way.

David with sister/singer Briahna (a.k.a. Mar-yhan)

At a Glance

Date of Birth: 12-19-85
Education: MSU
Family History: The middle child (out of 3)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Nickname(s): Naas, David, Naj`ee

What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ?Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice (Mixed)
Color ?Blue & Yellow (Not Together Tho)
Food ?Chicken Parmesan
Item of clothing ?.... all of them?
Meal of the day ?The one where I eat the most
Feature on yourself ?.... all of them?
Quality in a guy/girl ?.... all of them?
Phrase ?Can't think of one right now... i'll get back to it!
Song ?Can't think of one right now... i'll get back to it!
Musical Artist/Band ?Morgan's M3 (Magnificent Marching Machine)
Sport ?Football & Basketball
Movie ?Harlem Nights
TV Show ?Boston Public, Family Guy, Futurama, Fairly Odd Parents
Radio Station ?bmore's 92Q, philly's power 99
Type of Chocolate ?milk chocolate
Eye Color ?hazel, brown, it don't matter
Do you/Have you ever....
Have any pets ?no
Have any piercings ?3 (2 in my left, 1 in my right)
Have any tatoos ?not yet! Will get'em done all at the same time
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendnever... been cheat on... but I wouldn't do that
Gone skinny dipping ?
Been to Europe ?not yet
Been to an island ?New York? lol
Had stitches ?unfortunately
Broken any bones ?nope
Been stabbed/shot ?no
Slept until after 12:00 ?yeh
Stayed up all night ?yessir
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?no
Turned down a dare ?no... but prolly should have turned some down
Which friend....
Is the funniest ?besides myself... Elaina
Is the prettiest ?can't answer that
Is the most handsom ?me
Is the loudest ?Adrienne, Akai, Elaina, Tashawna, Yasmine
Is the craziest ?Richard (PIE?) & Matt S (when he starts laughing)
Is the most shy ?none of them
Is the most loving ?all of them
Is the most understanding ?all of them
Is the most boring ?none of them
Is the richest ?
Is the most athletic ?prolly Rich
Is the most cocky ?Jared... in ok way
Is the most wordly/cultured ?Adrienne, Akai, Elaina, Tashawna, Yasmine
Do you look up to the most ?all of them
Do you tell everything to ?none of them...
Has the best clothes ?Adrienne, Akai, Elaina, Tashawna, Yasmine
Has the best house ?me... since i am the only one with a house
Would you ever....
Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?why?
Kiss someone of the same sex ?no
Cheat on someone you love ?no
Run away from home ?no
Lie to your parents ?i'm human
Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?never lied, but with held information
Lie to your best friend ?no
Give a homeless person money ?...
Run from the police ?morgan police... it was funny, not serious
Bungee jump ?prolly
Sky dive ?have done it before
Cross dress ?never
Be an exotic dancer ?no
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ?no
Scuba dive ?prolly
Go rock climbing ?prolly
Go spulunking (caving) ?prolly not
What do you think of when you hear....
Eminem ?wackness
Bologna ?nastiness
Hott ?females
Orange ?& Blue... Crush!.... MSU!!!
Real world ?MTV
Jack ?off?... just mess'n
Cucumber ?salad
Hip-Hop ?running out of origniality
Uniform ?my work uniform
UniCORN ! ?not real
Rainbow ?gay people
Clown ?circus