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Here's the scoop...


In this column I'll include any breaking news on my favorite star, including upcoming movies, planned talk show appearances, box office figures, and so on.

It is rumored that Nsilo has a photo shoot coming up! Keep checking back for more updates!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

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Chat Transcript


NYFS:      Welcome to another chatting session
                with nsilo yancey for NYFS. This is also a

                post Superbowl chat session as well.

                Welcome nsilo!


NDY:        thanx for having me again on this fine post

                superbowl monday.


NYFS:      B4 we get started lets talk about this past

                game, SUPERBOWL XXXIX. Nsilo what is

                your reaction to the game.


NDY:        well I thought the game was ummm interesting.

                   I watched the not expecting the Eagles to win

                   becuz I knew, win or lose, the Eagles had a

                   great season. However I did not expect it

                   to be a close game like that. I thought we

                   would know who the winner would be by

                   beginning of the 4th quarter. But the game

                   really came down to the last 50 or so seconds


NYFS:      did you have a superbowl party.


NDY:        actually I watched it by myself, while doing my

                college math homework


NYFS:      we all know your favorite team in the NFL is

                the Philadelphia eagles, so are you upset at the


NDY:        NO!!! they did great in my opinion, can't wait

                for next season


NYFS:      now that the football season has come to a          close most eyes will turn to the nba, what are      your predictions?


NDY:        i don't even care about the nba right now. the

                NBA disgust me becuz its all about the money

                more so than the game. $100 for nose bleed         sections... anyway go sixers... lol


NYFS:      The chat is now open for public questions!


cherrichicka:        HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


NDY:        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


tiger_princess_88:              hows the college life                                               going?


NDY:        ...ummm.... it's going... good? i'm am just trying       to hurry up and graduate, ya know.


cangrl_shayla:      what classes are you in?


NDY:        right now I am taking a TV studio operations          class, a media class, physical education class,     a screen-play writing class, a math class, a                 history class, and a class on humanities


diehardkid:           when are you gonna graduate


NDY:        hopefully spring 2007, but i may get done a`lil        early


cangrl_shayla:      what is the last movie you have             seen?


NDY:        in the movie theaters, The Grudge; at home          Fallen


morgan:                 what is your favoriate food?


NDY:        chicken parmesan either over pasta or as a          sandwich


NYFS:      Than answer and more can be found on the         bio section of the NYFS site.


angelicsong2000:                 what kinda presents did         you get on ur birthday?


NDY:        my friends and my parents took me to a casino     in atlantic city to go to this all you can eat              buffet. it was great. I got some HOMIES objects           from my ex.


diehardkid:           i luv the homies, what stuff did ya          get


NDY:        well... i got like 3 pair of homies boxers, a              homies light box and some homies collectable       characters.


cherrichicka:        hows the weather in baltimore


NDY:        well this winter have been really unpredictable

                becuz some days it may be hot, other day may

                be very very cold. but not its hot/ well warm


ceewtroll:              how is your jetta working 4 ya?


NDY:        well, its working good, it has a dent in it now        cuz somebody who can't drive hit my parked        car. so i am gonna get it fix this summer when I        am not busy.


NYFS:      There is 5 mins left in this chatting session!



NDY:        Yup, and I gotta get to class. lol


jcarlos536:             i wanna be an actor too, what               advise do you have?


NDY:        well, i would have to say that you will need to      get an agent and let them guide you. be careful     tho, cuz some people are out there to scam you for    your money so first make sure that        they are legit agents. best to go with a SAG                 franchised agency.


tiger_princess_88:              good advice


NDY:        ya know, i try! lol


mongoose12:       what games have you bought since      the last chat


NDY:        I bought: The Sims 2, GTA San Andreas, and        Madden 2005 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, and City     of Heroes. thats all i can think of right now.


NYFS:      Well that is all the time we have for now. I             would like to thank nsilo for taking time out of        his busy schedule to come and chat with us.


NDY:        No problem, thank you for having me again.           The site is still amazing!


NYFS:      Join us for our next chat session scheduled         for sometime in April 2005!